Lent- An All Season Event

This Lenten season I was able to dive into a pastel painting on amazing paper with some of the highest quality pastels an artist can get their hands on. Having the tools to do your best doesn’t always make it your best work, and being given those tools as a gift doesn’t always make you appreciate them to the fullest. With this piece though, I was reminded that God doesn’t have the best tools, his people, and still does miraculous work. Jesus didn’t get any appreciation as He gave us the most precious gift we could ever get, but He gave it anyways. I think, for even a few moments, I was able to let Him take my hands, the tools I’ve been gifted, and make something beautiful. I’m very proud of this painting, and am extremely excited to order prints, 11×14 prints (more sizes will be available) for those interested. I’m hoping to place an order soon, so contact me if you would like more information or to get on the list. *Prints are now available on my Etsy site or you can make a request via email!