An Apple a Day…

The Apple


Every teacher EVER will tell you to practice practice PRACTICE! The same goes for artists- we can’t just pop out great masterpieces every day. With my first art festival looming in the not so distant future, I decided to work on small pieces that would be fun for people, originals that were attainable. I didn’t know when I started a basic apple painting on a watercolor canvas board that I would find so much joy in the way the colors bend around the shape, the crooked bit of branch still attached, and the challenge of finding the right “green” for the leaves. It took me back to growing up on the farm- wandering through an apple orchard every day. With this new feeling of calm, I decided I would just continue to “practice” my apples… and found a theme for my art moving forward.


Santa 2015

Santa 2015Santa Sketch

Here is Santa 2015!

I’m starting a new tradition! Each year, I will add a Santa/Christmas painting to my collection. I like to include a progress on some, this one I particularly liked seeing in the pen/ink stage, and then loved watching it come alive with color.

Originals, Prints, and Cards will all be available of these.  The cards will be available for the 2016 season, but check out the current Santa cards from last year’s Santa! The original is hanging for sale in one of my new favorite stores, City Antiques over on Fulton Street here in Grand Rapids. Prints are available on my etsy!

Winter Birds

Winter Birds- CardinalWinter Birds- TitmouseWinter Birds- Chickadee


The Winter Birds series was such a joy to paint- I wanted to enjoy the start of the winter season, and get out my paints. The result were these adorable little birds, and they took off into much more than just a few days of fun! These are now part of my new greeting card line, and are a best seller! In addition to cards, there are prints available if you wanted to frame them in your home like I did! The originals have already sold. For cards and prints, check out my Etsy!

Rebekah and Tyler

Rebekah and TylerAnother wedding, another reason to celebrate! Congrats to Rebekah and Tyler, a beautiful couple who got married October 24th! It was so much fun to go through all their engagment pictures to pick a great one, I finally narrowed it down to ten, then five, then this one! I took a slightly different approach with the cropping, and think it sets it apart and catches the lighting I enjoyed so much. Watercolor on 400lbs cold press paper.

Emily and Adam

Emily and Adam IMG_1139Congrats to Emily and Adam on their wedding this summer! This is a commission done in celebration of them, using a traditional oil painting technique on panel. What I learned from this piece- don’t accept commissions with plaid shirts!

Lent- An All Season Event

This Lenten season I was able to dive into a pastel painting on amazing paper with some of the highest quality pastels an artist can get their hands on. Having the tools to do your best doesn’t always make it your best work, and being given those tools as a gift doesn’t always make you appreciate them to the fullest. With this piece though, I was reminded that God doesn’t have the best tools, his people, and still does miraculous work. Jesus didn’t get any appreciation as He gave us the most precious gift we could ever get, but He gave it anyways. I think, for even a few moments, I was able to let Him take my hands, the tools I’ve been gifted, and make something beautiful. I’m very proud of this painting, and am extremely excited to order prints, 11×14 prints (more sizes will be available) for those interested. I’m hoping to place an order soon, so contact me if you would like more information or to get on the list. *Prints are now available on my Etsy site or you can make a request via email!


Happy Father’s Day

This year, my dad made the decision to sponsor a class of boys in India after we lost the girl we’ve sponsored for years. Here they are! From the only photo we have of them- Happy Father’s Day from ALL of your kids!

The Boys StartThe Boys B:WThe Boys Color


Dad taught me about The Birds, The Bees, and The Apple Trees!

“Stop and smell the roses” is a often-used, often-ignored saying. This series was brought about by my Dad’s birthday- an extraordinary farmer who always had a lesson for his two girls. He would take us out into the orchard as children to show us a robin’s nest in a tree, show us the swarms of honey bees taking care of business for the spring, and of course- the apples! Thanks Dad for all the lessons, and teaching us to stop and look at the little things in life. Hope these look great in your office!

Oil- The Birds, The Bees, and The Apple Trees

Oil- The Birds, The Bees, and The Apple Trees

Oil- The Birds, The Bees, and The Apple Trees

Oil- The Birds, The Bees, and The Apple Trees

Oil- The Birds, The Bees, and The Apple Trees

Oil- The Birds, The Bees, and The Apple Trees

Together Again- A special family portrait.

This portrait was commissioned by my mother. Her family is spread out and its a rare occasion that the siblings see each other- especially all at once. While attending a wedding, they had their first photo taken all together with their mom, my grandma. No one knows when a reunion like this will happen again, so she had me do a watercolor painting to capture them all. I referenced 4 photos for this and even then had to pull from other images for detail. Each sibling has a print of the final piece, and Grandma received the original as a gift. It meant a lot to me to meet and get to know some of the family I’ve never spent time with through painting them. Thank you Grandma for passing down the “Painter” gene!

Watercolor, Together Again

Watercolor, Together Again