Santa 2015

Santa 2015Santa Sketch

Here is Santa 2015!

I’m starting a new tradition! Each year, I will add a Santa/Christmas painting to my collection. I like to include a progress on some, this one I particularly liked seeing in the pen/ink stage, and then loved watching it come alive with color.

Originals, Prints, and Cards will all be available of these.  The cards will be available for the 2016 season, but check out the current Santa cards from last year’s Santa! The original is hanging for sale in one of my new favorite stores, City Antiques over on Fulton Street here in Grand Rapids. Prints are available on my etsy!

Winter Birds

Winter Birds- CardinalWinter Birds- TitmouseWinter Birds- Chickadee


The Winter Birds series was such a joy to paint- I wanted to enjoy the start of the winter season, and get out my paints. The result were these adorable little birds, and they took off into much more than just a few days of fun! These are now part of my new greeting card line, and are a best seller! In addition to cards, there are prints available if you wanted to frame them in your home like I did! The originals have already sold. For cards and prints, check out my Etsy!

Rebekah and Tyler

Rebekah and TylerAnother wedding, another reason to celebrate! Congrats to Rebekah and Tyler, a beautiful couple who got married October 24th! It was so much fun to go through all their engagment pictures to pick a great one, I finally narrowed it down to ten, then five, then this one! I took a slightly different approach with the cropping, and think it sets it apart and catches the lighting I enjoyed so much. Watercolor on 400lbs cold press paper.

Emily and Adam

Emily and Adam IMG_1139Congrats to Emily and Adam on their wedding this summer! This is a commission done in celebration of them, using a traditional oil painting technique on panel. What I learned from this piece- don’t accept commissions with plaid shirts!